4th Feb, 2020
Application for National Institute of Genetics (NIG) postdoctoral fellows is open! Deadline 8th July, 2020. Please contact Fumi if interested!

5th Dec, 2019
Dr. Kota Mizumoto (The University of British Columbia) and Fumi organized a workshop at the Annual meeting of Molecular Biology Society of Japan. “Molecular genetics in neuroscience: from synapse development to circuit function”

27th Nov, 2019
6-week internship opportunity is available in Kubo lab for Summer 2020! Please apply through the NIGINTERN program website. Deadline 7th Jan, 2020.

26th Nov, 2019
Fumi gave a talk at The Joint Symposium on Fusion of Biomedical and Physical/Informational Sciences in Neurobiology in Tokyo, Japan.

20th-23rd Nov, 2019
Koji Matsuda presented a poster at Zebrafish Neural Circuits & Behavior Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

30th Oct, 2019
Fumi gave a seminar at The University of Tokyo, Japan.

17th Oct, 2019
Opportunity to join our lab as a graduate student (NIG Global Scholar). Please contact Fumi if interested. Deadline 5th Nov.

11th Sep, 2019
Koji Matsuda was awarded a Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity start-up grant!

21st June – 31st July, 2019
We hosted a summer intern, Raj Magesh, who was supported by the NIGINTERN program. His report can be found here.

24-28th July, 2019
Fumi gave talks in three sessions at Neuro2019 in Niigata.
1. Breakthroughs to be made for the next Brain Science
2. A new era of neuroscience with zebrafish
3. Diversity in Neuroscience “Career Development in Japan for Overseas Japanese Students/Researchers & for Foreign Students/Researchers in Japan”

28th May, 2019
Our study on circuit mapping of the optic-flow processing pathway was published online!
Kramer A, Wu Y, Baier H, Kubo F. Neuronal architecture of a visual center that processes optic flow. Neuron, in press.

19th Feb, 2019
Application for National Institute of Genetics (NIG) postdoctoral fellows is open! Deadline 10th July, 2019.

12-13th Feb, 2019
Fumi gave a talk at the 13th National Institute of Basic Biology (NIBB) Bioimaging Forum in Okazaki, Japan

20-21th Dec, 2018
Fumi gave a talk at the NIG meeting on “Circuit construction in the mammalian brain” in Mishima, Japan

16th Nov, 2018
Internship opportunity is available in Kubo lab for Summer 2019! Please apply through NIGINTERN program. Deadline 7th Jan, 2019.

25-28th Sep, 2018
Fumi gave a talk at the Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference on “Latest Advances in Development & Function of Neuronal Circuits” in Awaji, Japan

5th Sep, 2018
Method paper on our recently developed optogenetic tools has been published. Optogenetic precision toolkit to reveal form, function and connectivity of single neurons. Fรถrster et al., Methods, in press.

25-26th Aug, 2018
Fumi gave a talk at the Japanese medaka and zebrafish meeting in Nagoya, Japan.

26-29th Jul, 2018
Dr. Keisuke Yonehara (Aarhus Univ.) & Fumi organized a symposium at the Annual meeting of the Japanese Neuroscience Society in Kobe, Japan.

23rd May, 2018
A postdoc position is available! Please see here for more information.