Graduate students

Our lab welcomes prospective graduate students who will perform their PhD study by enrolling in a PhD program at Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI. SOKENDAI offers an excellent environment for PhD students, including cutting-edge research infrastructure, mentorship provided by multiple faculty members, and emphasis on scientific communication skills. Various financial support is available for the students. Please see here for more information about the PhD program.

There is also an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to perform an internship in our lab under the NIG INTERN program. The institute will cover the cost of airfare as well as accommodation in a guesthouse at the institute.


Below are the possible funding sources to join our lab as a postdoc.
National Institute of Genetics Postdoctoral fellowship (NIG postdocs)
Fellowship of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Please contact Fumi if you are interested in applying for these fellowships.